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An Integrated, Automated Intra-hour Energy Exchange


Below are the steps to apply to join SEEM as a Transmission Member or Non-Transmission Participant

1) Download information packet for Transmission Participant or Market Participant applicants

2) Fill out and submit the SEEM Application (button at the bottom of the PDF will email application to SEEM directly)

3) The SEEM Admin will confirm receipt of the application

4) The SEEM Admin will facilitate the review of the application and contact applicant within 5 business days

5) The SEEM Admin will create a SEEM membership dashboard for the applicant and provided registration details

6) Download the executed the NFEETS agreements with each SEEM Transmission Service Provider (TSP)

7) Download and execute the SEEM Agreement

8) Upload executed SEEM agreement to applicant and registration details outlined in the information packet to the SEEM Agreements Portal

9) Monitor SEEM Agreements Dashboard to view the status of the Transmission Member or Non-Transmission Participant application process

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